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Kage's "Into the Ocean"
August 13th, 2008, 10:38 pm

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Author's Comments:

Posted by clorinspats
August 13th, 2008, 10:44 pm

This is a pic I did for my friend's Gaia Profile, which is themed around the song 'Into the Ocean' by Blue October. It took me a while to do, goodness me, but it's been done! Yay!
I took far too long to color it, but it was definitely worth it. And I like how sketchy it is. o3o

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July 16th, 2018, 1:27 am

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Reader's Comments:

Posted by al-ee-gai-twers
August 14th, 2008, 2:52 am

Ack! I've missed a drawing! >.< And both are so...PRETTY! The red guy is GORGEOUS. AND THE CAPS. I CAN'T GET RID OF THEM, THERE'S JUST TOO MUCH AWESOME! >.< Sorry I haven't been here, my new computer has been kinda skitzy. I think I've gotten it, though.

Isn't it weird? I think whatever bottled water the famous people are drinking comes from the fountain of youth or something. 60 year olds looking like 16 year olds! 16 year olds looking like 25 year olds. UTTER MADNESS. (oh noes, the caps found me again!)

Totally, people can be evil. To quote Charlie Brown (stick with me here!): I love humanity! It's people I can't stand!

I know, right? Perfect girls don't need stories, they've got everything else! I rarely read shoujo, honestly, because the women are either perfect, annoying, or both. I think it's cause I see it from their point of view, which differs from mine so extremely. Movies are better for me. There are some pretty far out women in movies.

Yes, manga recommendations. I've been watching some horror/gore movies lately, so anything light-hearted and happy would be great c:

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