The Coffee House Kid

Keenan Reilly Concept
July 1st, 2008, 5:10 pm

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Author's Comments:

Posted by clorinspats
July 1st, 2008, 5:28 pm

I haven't made character concepts for a while and I needed to do it for one of my *new* websites, anyway. So here's Keenan Reilly, the teen pirate who literally came to me in a dream. Here's what all those scribbles say:
Keenan Reilly
B-day: March 16
Enjoys reading, sleeping, crows nest -->lookout
Is part of a pirate group "Marshtails"
is 4th oldest on the ship
Favorite foods-Roast chicken w/ carrot, apples, honey lemons
Joined the pirates when he was 12 b/c he got bored at home
Is afraid of _horses_
Is lively but impolite
Usually compares life to books
Thinks he could live w/o girls [lol]
Has a pet rat named 'Mossy'
His favorite jacket was stolen from the first mate of the 'Killjoy' crew
Near never gets sick
his brother, Joshua, was sent to prison at age _8_ for murder
best friend disappeared shortly after joining the crew-he recieved his good luck charm from her
is actually very clean for a pirate

An explanation on the 8yo going to prison-he comes from a different government faction from most everyone else [obviously, who still has pirates?] that is off the coast of what should have been Portugal. But I've tainted my maps to look like my 'custom Universe', lol.
Anyway, REPLIES:
@Nekomata: Eheheheh. :D Grassy asses to you. Cheche, you're excreting luck at a surpising pace! o3o
@Al: o3o Video game, really? Mwah, maybe a bit. Lol, thanks.
Ah, I do that too~~when I re-read my things. My editor re edits my editing. Teehee.
I remember those HP days...I used to be a big fan up until the fifth book and the movies kind of screwed me over. Anyhow, I hate /finding/ old binders with my old junk in it because I forget what was in it and have something near a heart attack...
I have a friend like that. She's one of those stereotypical 'nerdy' people and we love her for it. :,D I actually used to be that sort of shy...shy and moody, ahahaha. Now I'm known for those 'akward situations' that people get into and consistant lying and overactive should see all the weird looks I get when I go about and mess with people.
Oh man, I do that all the time. My friends used to call me Tweety because I used to make those little Tweety sort of mistakes-"wain" and such, you know?
I actually only recently found out about Hana-Kimi, myself. I almost stopped reading it in the beginning, but after a little bit I kind of got attached to the story. Sure you could not read it and spite people [I'd do the same thing], but I think you'd miss out on a pretty decent romance. Even I liked it...and I'm not exactly big on the romance scene. o3o Plus I'm a Nakatsu fan now...>n< Anyway, I have mentioned 'The other side of the Mirror' recently-ish as one of my other references. It's that good. And Perfect Girl Evolution is also called Wallflower, maybe you did/didn't hear about it before, idk. It's pretty funny and it is a delicious read....Saiyuki is my favorite eveeeeeeer. I've been a fan for several years and am yet to be let down. I hope you do like it. o3o You're so very welcome!
/btw, check and before you go shopping. I forgot to mention. o3o though collections are fun, too.

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July 16th, 2018, 1:19 am

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Reader's Comments:

Posted by Nekomata
July 2nd, 2008, 3:39 pm

Ooooooo. Awesome! xD

Posted by al-ee-gai-twers
July 11th, 2008, 12:10 pm

Ugh, sorry it took me so long to comment. My computer at my mom's house shut off >.<

This guy is so cool. And I'm afraid of horses too! They always come over to ME, and STARE at me, and they could crush me under their hooves if they so desired. It may be a dumb fear, but they ARE scary. Anyway, he is way cool! His pose is amazing, and I love his clothes!

The same thing about Harry Potter happened to me too. Fifth book made me angry, and I've only seen the 1st and 5th movie. Both sucked, so I just try to stay away from them. I kinda like finding old stuff, because then if people don't like my stuff at least they can't deny I've improved. C:

Hahaha, exact opposite for me. I used to all outgoing and stuff, then when middle school came around I just stopped and got a lot more shy.

Most of my friends take my speech mistakes in stride now. Every now and then they'll giggle, but they usually just wait for me to correct myself.

Maybe I'll just read Hana-Kimi without telling them? Oh yeah, I know about Wallflower. My friend used to watch the anime until she said they started drawing her as a chibi all the time. She said it was way funny, though.

Ooooohh, thanks for the sites! I'll definately be checking them out! I'm pretty hesitant about buying manga anymore because I start to not liking them after a bit, especially all the ones I had when I was a huge shoujo fan ;>.< Thank youuuuuu!

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