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Music: "Running from the Mob"
June 28th, 2008, 3:51 am

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Author's Comments:

Posted by clorinspats
June 28th, 2008, 4:07 am

Howdy! Today I present you with a special:
music! Made by myself [and the help of a handy program, lol]!
Here it is. Click!
@Al: [on the photo] That one chick on the far left is me. o3o The website was for...being stupid. We called it "We like Diet Dr Pepper", ahaha.
[on Dragon Fight] Wah, I'm flattered! >w< It took so long to do, I nearly swore off scales for-ever. o3o And you are definitely correct! Ahaha. Left is bad, good is right. >3
Ah, my editor is actually my best friend. He's good at his job. o3o "Stop using run-on sentences! Cease e-mailing me these retarded scripts until you learn how to capitalize!" Ahaha.
>u< I suffer from the typical 'artist eye': everything looks bad to the original artist, EXPECIALLY old pictures. I should scan a few of those and torture y'all with them.
Thinking about it, I would probably make an attempt to talk to you, since I push myself onto people who seem shy. Kekeke....I rarely forget people, unless they were really...having nothing to do with myself. o3o And don't worry about stuttering, you're not alone! I'm made fun of for talking funny sometimes-people say I have the southern drawl mixed with a lowlife's punk pronunciation and a dictionary's worth of words. Well, like, two people said that, but it still counts. o3o guitar teacher calls me 'Crans' (crayons) and 'Orjins' (origins) because I can't pronounce the proper words correctly.
Ah, manga~~well, lately, some good ones are "Perfect Girl Evolution" and "Hana-Kimi". A great one for semi-realism in the manga style is "the Other side of the Mirror" and "Hunter x Hunter" or "Yu Yu Hakusho" for anatomy and shading, or gore...! Aha. Oh, and "Saiyuki", just because it's awesome. o3o
@Nekomata: [on Dragon Fight] Kekeke, practice makes perfect! As every person says [though it's true].
I would have started to rage at people if my name were spelled wrong in the yearbook--I would think it's worse, because the events my stuff was in was only for a couple hours, and the yearbook is for-EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEV-er.
You are correct, indeed! Goody is on the right, Baddy on the left! o3o

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Reader's Comments:

Posted by Nekomata
June 28th, 2008, 1:06 pm

aoifnasa! Awesome! 8D

reply: Haha. I would've too, but it was in elementary school. >_>
zoki! Yay~! Lucky guess. XD

Posted by al-ee-gai-twers
June 28th, 2008, 4:14 pm

That music totally makes me think of a video game...Or a movie based on a video game. One of those old pixel-y kinds. Way cool! C:

I'm pretty much the editor with all my friends. I'm actually really bad with catching mistakes because I fix them all in my mind, but I'm the best speller and whatnot.

I think almost every artist is the same way (with the 'artist eye'). Ugh, I recently found a binder with a TON of old drawings in it. Like really old. Back when I was a huge Harry Potter nerd and thought profiles looked like bubbles. >.<;;

Hahaha, nearly all of my friends are the kind of people that push themselves on me because I'm shy. It must be so weird to see all these kinda loud, outgoing people and me, who just laughs in the backround and says jokes only loud enough for them to hear.

I always either stutter, or mesh my words together. It's like they all want to come out at once, so instead of saying 'three a.m.' I'll go 'thee m.' or something. Causes no end of embarressment.

Oh nooooo, not Hana-Kimi! All my friends are just pushing that one on me. Half of me just doesn't want to read it and the other half just wants to spite them a bit, since they won't let go of it. Have you talked about 'The other side of the mirror' before? It sounds familiar. The others I've heard about except for 'Perfect Girl Evolution' and I've only heard of 'Saiyuki' in passing. I should go shopping soon so I'll look for them! Thanks!

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